"A 10-piece affair outfitted with two singers, a horn section, and the precocious scions of Knoxville’s greatest jazzman, the band rocks like Funkadelic, grooves like the J.B.’s, and jams like Sly and the Family Stone. And yet the music itself—carried along by the limber rapping and crooning of singers Melvin Ellis and Rhea Sunshine—bears the conspicuous imprint of ’90s and new-millenium soul and R&B. "
- Mike Gibson, MetroPulse (Dec 09, 2009)

"Aftah Party performed the GNR classic(Welcome to The Jungle)-something whose genre is the polar opposite of their own-as if it had been their life's ambition to do so. The vocalists traded off verses, working different sides of the crowd. There was jumping. There was screaming. There was singing along. Horns blazed, adding a layer to the song......I've never seen a crowd so excited. It was one of the best cover songs I've seen in my life."
- Greg Wood, Knoxville News Sentinal (Mar 11, 2010)